Lightshot Screen Capture-Lightshot Download

Lightshot screen capture is a useful program for video resizing. When working on a webpage or publication and exact dimensions are necessary, this program does a fantastic job of easily formatting one or more photos at a time.  Moreover, this production allows for bulk image editing to be completed quickly.

Lightsohot Image Resizer is more than just resizing photos. It has a number of great features including adding borders, watermarks, and adding special effects to the images. In addition, there are a thousand and one ways to use lightshot screen capture no matter what image editing that you are doing. Therefore, it is easy to take your images to the next level to bring your blog or website to a professional level.


Positives of Lightshot Screen Capture

Lightsohot allows for easy resizing for images to exact dimensions. You can work on individual or batch projects and can easily edit the photos. Also, more than just common special effects, you can convert photos to black and white or sepia further stylizing your images.

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The easy to use the platform and easy integration with Windows makes this an accessible, practical image editor.  With the ability to add watermarks, your photos stay your own. The ability to save in other formats is equally beneficial. It makes the lightshot screen capture a practical addition to any system.

Drawbacks of Lightshot Screen Capture

The installation process can come with a few unwanted extras. Therefore, make sure you are selective in what you allow on your system.  In addition, if you’re looking for a dedicated video editor, there are better photo editors to choose from though most are expensive. So, if you’re looking for a workhorse that is free but can still do a lot, then the Lightsohot Image Resizer is a great choice.

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Final Verdict

The light shot screen capture is a delightful comprehensive photo editor. With easy to use controls and a lot of different options for editing, it is useful for the casual selfie queen or adding professional photos to websites with watermarks to protect your products.

With lightshot screen capture optimized for Windows, it makes image editing and resizing a practical choice for both casual and professionals alike.

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