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Among the programs of Microsoft, OneNote is one of the popular and important programs. For many users, Microsoft office OneNote download has become the home for their work. To organize articles, documents, and interview transcripts, they do like to use OneNote. From anywhere in the world, One Note can be used in the apple, iOS, and macOS. Before it was only prescribed for Mac but nowadays, Microsoft OneNote is accessible to the windows as well. The functionalities support the versions of windows but there can be subtle differences.
Free download Microsoft office OneNote

System requirement

Operating system: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7 / 8 / 10
Language: English
Price: Free
File Size: ….. MB
Publisher: Microsoft

Attractive Features of Microsoft Office OneNote Download

Basically, OneNote is an app but in your digital notebook, it can be used in several other ways. There are other beautiful colors available in this design. If you like to recall your notes at any time, Microsoft office OneNote download will help you in this regard. Very fortunately, it can read even your handwriting. With OneNote, the users can save web pages for offline viewing and the clipper will help you in this regard. You can use this in multiple browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and internet explorer. It is good news for the windows users that they are getting free Microsoft OneNote 2010 download with new features. You can send articles to OneNote with RSS and blog aggregates without any interruption.

Pros and cons of Microsoft Office OneNote

As Microsoft has announced Microsoft office OneNote download for free, it has support also from live scribe and smartphones with integrated services. There are some amazing ideas associated with this application. You can scan notes and documents by the features of OneNote. Simply by following the snap and scan application, you can do this. You will love the features of OneNote because you can note down your favorite recipes and drawings with this. Again, audio and video recording are also available with OneNote.

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However, you need to have a premium account in order to use this offline. Even there can be no formatting options for the user and that can be identified as a negative aspect of Microsoft Office OneNote. It is good to document storage and digital notebook but needs an internet connection to have access.

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