Microsoft Security Anti-Virus free Download

Microsoft Security Anti-Virus free Download (or, MSE) is the best-chosen software. It produced to provide you security against different types of viruses, spyware, rootkit, and malicious software. MSE(Microsoft security scanner) provides you perfect protection by continuous monitoring of your activities on the computer. It scans all new files when download or create on your computer. Moreover, it enables you to disable detected threats from your computer.

Download Microsoft Security Anti-Virus

How to install Microsoft Security Anti-Virus?

Microsoft Security Essentials can perform a very speedy scan of the most essential places where threats are visible. You may select a full scan of the entire system or a custom scan of the drives or a folder. Then you follow the following steps to scan your computer for security threats. To work with Microsoft Security Anti-Virus free Download you should click start and then click All Programs and then click Microsoft Security Essentials. You should open the Home tab and select one of the scan options, now click Scan now.

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Features of Microsoft Security Anti-Virus free Download

In MSE, the system resources which are used can’t be compared with other anti-virus and malware scanners. It’s the auto-updates software for which you don’t need to do anything. It normally runs in the background and keeps its door shut. Moreover, it doesn’t need to opt-out to prevent some toolbar, mini-browser, and other junk from installing. Besides its advantages MSE has some disadvantages also i, e, the users of it don’t have any control over exactly when the product will update. So, you need to check to make sure. The scanning interval of MSE is really unreliable. Even sometimes it does not work at all.

Microsoft security essentials built as the latest versions of Windows which is to protect your PC from viruses and different malware. You can use an older version of Windows 7 for your PC, by downloading Microsoft Security Anti-Virus free Download. Also, it provides you comprehensive malware protection against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.