Open Source Project Management Software

In the present days of technology, the business owners search for top-rated open source project management software. Available project management will make your business efficient and poplar. Also, there is both collaborative and multiple public project management tool. Free versions of management software and geared options will make you able to maintain open source management. Taiga will first appear in the shortlisted software list.  Now, let’s have a look at the limited private project management. Additionally, there will be no struggle.

Odoo Project Management Software Free Download

Top Five Open Source Project Management Software

Taiga is still struggling and competitive software on private management. You can also express the regular interface of the chart. The major readers find it effective. The clean and simple interface of Taiga ensures the releases in notable improved features. There are hosting options and mobile solutions for the audience.

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MyCollab is another open-source project management software that can also provide a multi-purpose solution as well as customer relationship management. There is another feature of time tracking and issue management options. While selecting, you have to be sure about the editions because MyCollab has three different editions. Again, the source codes are available on GitHub.

Odoo will provide you support like the best business applications and project management tool. In comparison to other project management tools, Odoo has limited features but compatible with Windows, Linux. People like it very much because it is free and it has interesting features. Official Docker images, graphs, and Gantt charts are also available in it.

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Wekan is another popular project management tool for a fast workflow. Creating a board of works will ensure the scheduled works. Through a simple drag and drop system, the workers can maintain collaborative works. Modifications and enhancements will also ensure a vibrant and improved community. Free and open-source packages are the best possible advantages of Wekan. Even, the users can use this in android and iPhone.

ZenTao is specially designed for efficient team management. It has unique features that you may not find in other open source project management software. You can keep a record of works from any time and anywhere. Releasing the works will also ensure the test result. This is the best possible product management software for all. Users can also perform their personal work through this. There are other users, groups, and privileges for statistical reports.

Advantages Of Open Source Project Management Software

Let’s learn what are the benefits you may enjoy with open source project management software

Through the project management tool, users can manage objectives, distribute works, and also can monitor the works of others. A project map, deadline, and schedule can also be maintained through this. The owners and the admins can monitor the activities of the team members. Keeping records of the work becomes also very easy. It keeps transparency among the team members. Getting effective results becomes easier through Asana like team management software. For every kind of collaborative work, you should consider the best project management app. Both time tracking and bug tracking is possible through open project management. You can easily capture time and bugs through this.