Power Director Video Editor

When you’re asking for windows-based video editing software, without any doubt we’ll suggest Cyberlink’s Power Director video editor as a great effective tool. It will provide you with facilities to manage digital quality videos, This tool will manage everything you need to perform in video editing. If you are alike that guy who wants to make videos with perfect titles, music, effects and based on 100% quality, this is the unique software for you.

Power Director Video Editor Free Download

Features of Power Director Video Editor

Power Director has its different use depending on the situation. Power Director enables you to serve on easily disc authorized, help you to produce CD, DVD, and Blue-ray too. You can also expose directly to Facebook and YouTube for instant share with friends and natives. Power Director provides you the finest effect and packages with free video templates to enrich your movie editing experience. Moreover, the power Director has a well-decorated mode of design that serves you upload mobile video for YouTube, Facebook, etc by removing letterboxing.

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Power Director Video Editor will help you by rendering video quickly while you edit. A perfect Video Editor will allow you for multi-editing and it has the capability for 3D and 4K technology. This tool makes it easy for young video editors to create beautiful videos. In the Power Director, a clear user interface helps the video editing tools to be used easily. This tool includes a special facility for professional and experienced video editors. However, Power Director has some contradictory features also I, e, it has only compatible with Windows devices. It has a lack of the ability to trim video within the source panel.

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Best use of Power Director Video Editor

The identical feature of the software is that it provides the ability towards professional editors, to create more art pieces of video. As a free app, it’s pretty great. You can upgrade it easily by paying to get the extra scope as well, deleting the unexpected watermark and so more, you want.