SSH Secure Shell Download

Where does the SSH originate?

The ssh secure shell download was originally made in response to the hacking of a university network in Finland. This hacking was made using a password sniffer installed directly on the backbone of the server. Upon discovery by the original developer of the SSH Secure Shell Tatu Ylonen, there were already thousands of usernames and passwords found in its database with the Ylonen’s company team included.

SSH Secure Shell Free Download

How SSH came to be?

This prompted Ylonen to initiate a study on the cryptography and formulate a solution that can allow him to log in over the internet safely without the possibility of being hacked. With additional features proposed by his friends, the OpenSSH came to be and was standardizes as SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). Ylonen later founded the “SSH Communications Security Corporation” in1995 to deliver full commercial support to the protocol.

At this time, where are SSH Secure Shell downloads being used?

As of these days, the protocol continues being used in the managing of more than half of the world’s web servers with Linux or Unix computer included either in a cloud or on-premise. Administrators and Information security specialists make use of this in configuring, managing, maintaining, and operating common firewalls, switches, servers and routers in its mission related to the critical network and environments of the digitized world. Likewise, it is implanted in file transfer and in management systems solutions.

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The ssh secure shell download is free for non-commercial users like academic or personal. Review the license agreement that is part of the software. Downloading and installation of the program is essential to gain access to the website directory when using a Windows computer from a non-campus server.

How to download the SSH Secure Shell?

Downloading the SSH Secure Shell for Client in Windows depends on the speed of the internet connection but it is just around 6 MB in size. Here are the procedures:

Save the downloaded file in the hard drive of your computer taking note of the specific directory you are putting this installation file. It is named as “SSH Secure Shell Client-3.2.9.exe”.

By using the “My Computer” or Windows Explorer, find the file in the directory you have saved it.

Double click on the filename to start the process of installation

Just follow the instructional prompts to finalize the installation

Upon completion, you will see at the Windows “Start Program” menu the “SSH Secure Shell”. Though there are two programs that are included in the SSH Secure Shell client, only use the one with the “Secure File Transfer Client”.

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Automating the SSH keys

The ssh secure shell download keys can program to have automated access to servers. These are common in scripts, developers, the tools for configuration management, and in the system admins. It gives a particular sign-on, then allows the user to transfer between accounts without the need to continuously retype the password. This convenience is even possible between organizational boundaries. But improper management of the SSH keys is likewise a major threat, particularly in bigger organizations. So, this should undergo proper evaluation before its use.


Like everything else, proper management is still the key to the SSH protocol to continuously function in securing your networks from cryptographic assaults.