UC Browser for PC Windows 7 Free Download

UC Browser for PC windows 7 free download is the latest and best browser we have now available for windows with excellent compatibility for 32-64 bit. UC Browser for Windows 7 is simple software thus very fast, easy and quick to download and install on your PC. I have used the UC browser for Android on my phone much longer and fell in love with it. Free Download UC Browser for Windows 7

System requirement

Operating system: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7 / 8/ 10
Language: English
Price: Free
File Size: 12 MB
Publisher: UCWEB
Version: 6.1.2

Why UC browser for pc windows 7 free download

I installed it on my PC and several improved features captured my attention like the user interface so friendly. Another thing I loved about UC browser for PC windows 7 free download is that you can customize your view and display with the user ability to change between different themes. This amazing feature as you do not need to get used the same theme all the time which is the case with other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, also you can set your bookmarks or favorite sites on speed dial for easiness of access.

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I also loved the browsing speed of UC browser for windows 7 free download, tabs open so quickly with just a click and you can also load huge files so fast. This is because the UC browser has a feature of the boosts speed embedded within its functionality

Another outstanding feature that comes with this browser is that it gives you smooth browsing without unnecessary ads interrupting your time online using the ads blocking feature.

Features of UC Browser for Windows 7 free download

Unlike other browsers UC browser for PC windows 7 free download has the feature that enables you to download videos. This is a unique feature only possible when using the UC browser. Also, it gives the user the freedom to even stream videos without flash player pre-installed on your PC, and also you can open all types of file formats like PDF without any problem. This was only a possibility for users of Google Chrome.

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One more browsing feature you will love about UC browser for windows 7 free download is that you can save pages to read offline. This will save you browsing data and also you will not miss anything as you can just save posts or some stories of interest to read later.

When going online security is everyone’s concern as nobody wants any Malware or Virus attack on their PC. This is guaranteed while using the UC browser for PC windows 7 by blocking and warning you of potential sources while online.

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