Whatsapp for android 2.3 free download latest version

Nowadays, Whatsapp has become one of the famous apps for android users. It serves millions of people around the world from the beginning of launch. With Whatsapp for android 2.3 free download latest version, you will get the best features to communicate with your friends and relatives around the world. It is the number one messaging service to all people globally. Moreover, there are updated versions available for Apple users.
Free download Whatsapp for android 2.3 latest version

System requirement

Operating system: Android phone/ iPhone
Language: English
Price: Free
File Size: 36.3 MB
Publisher: Whatsapp
Version: 2.17.286

Updated features of Whatsapp for android 2.3 free download latest version

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There is a cross-platform messenger that may have all types of wallpapers and new message options. The video playback is made on the basis of your demand. The new beta program is available at your convenience. You can choose a photo or video to send to the recipient. With Whatsapp for android 2.3 free download latest version, you can take the help from Google drive, dropbox, Microsoft one drive, and others. Sharing document is also possible in this process. No matter if you want to choose PDF format for your smartphones. You can receive PDF files through Whatsapp.

Pros and cons of Whatsapp for android 2.3 free download latest version

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Whatsapp can be used on iPhone, Android, and Windows phone very easily. By using blue and grey ticks, you can send a contact to different steps. The audio and video messaging are also possible in this platform. The contacts can be saved with two steps and the audio messages can be saved very easily. You can send the location accurately that is instantly starting the trip using google maps on your phone. Group chat is also possible in this system by the broadcasting system. There are some other reasons for this as well.

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There are some other options for the conversational benefit. It will provide unlimited benefits for voice and video calls. You can also find relevant emoji to make the conversation funny and interesting. It will save your money by reducing normal text with multimedia messages. The sim card is also registered in the right account with switching flights and connect the WiFi network. It also provides an easy way to change numbers.

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There can be some negative features as well. If you send an unknown message once, it cannot be deleted. In group messaging there is a size limit. Storing or retrieving chat back up may take a long time.

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